We Crown the Naturalness of Taste

We Crown the Naturalness of Taste

Desiring the natural has completely changed our shopping and consumption habits in today's world. Consumers now prefer preservative-free, additive-free products that come straight from nature to their home for both themselves and their loved ones. Fruit drying is a method that has been used by many societies for centuries. This traditional method, which is used both in terms of practical use and to get rid of the seasonal effect in food, reaches consumers who desire natural on the shelves with Mateks. Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply the traditional fruit drying method in the city, in our living spaces that are far from nature. However, Mateks provides this desired naturalness for the consumer by drying the fruits with special drying ovens. Mateks products, which can be used in many areas and will offer many new alternatives to your product range with various options, are suitable for consumers of all ages, and are ready to be the constant of your tables.

Crowning the naturalness of every flavor in various forms, Mateks carries the natural fruits grown in these lands to kitchens and shelves. Mateks, which enables the most naturally grown fruits to be consumed in all seasons and at any time while preserving their naturalness, provides ready-to-use natural dried fruits which are dried in special ovens at low temperatures and infused form which ensures the preservation of the original taste, color, vitamin, mineral, and natural nutritional values of the fruits and meets with the lovers and professionals of the kitchen. With its infused form, fruits offer a unique flavor by getting hold of the form between traditional dried fruit and fresh fruit. Mateks products are ready to be used in products that appeal to consumers of all ages, with fruit puree pieces that will crown food and beverages.

Fruits, which are the most beautiful gifts that nature offers us, are carefully made to be consumed on our tables in order to surprise the consumers with all their originality and taste. Products that do not lose their nutritional value are now at a single address for everyone in search of health and taste. You can reward your guests, family, customers, and yourself with Mateks' product forms that offer naturalness. Consuming many flavors while keeping in shape will give you much more than a diet list with limited options.

Mateks opens the door of nature for you. In addition, culinary professionals know that in addition to naturalness, what is sought is a unique presentation. With Mateks' natural dried fruits, it is possible to offer delicious and healthy options without giving up on classic tastes. The flavors of nature are ready to knock on your door with Mateks. Are you ready to embrace nature?

December 2020

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