Since 1900’s a lot has changed but not our company culture. With its experience that exceeds half a century and team of experts, Mateks keeps moving forward with success. Our honest trade practices and love for what we do are the two main values that enable our story to be passed down generations. Mateks improves itself and stands out in the industry every passing year with its diverse product range as well as its production capabilities for needs; while pleasure of manufacturing in a modern, sterile, and natural manner.

It has been our number one priority to create value for our clients and meet their expectation with said value and consistency. We prioritize quality over quantity, invest in client focused R&D and stand by our clients after the sale. We continue to produce with the mindset of giving back what we get from the nature without giving up quality and 100% transparency. We realize our client focused production by optimizing technology and with world class production capacity and quality. With our production capacity which is 6.000 tons in a year we put out quality products tailored for the needs of 4 continents. Women make up 89% of our team which consist of people who are experienced and experts of their field. We enjoy the happiness of supporting women employment and having a team that is success-oriented and harmonious.

Our experience which exceeds 60 years and our traditions which has been passed down for 4 generation get strength from honesty, progress, and our respect towards nature. We value to gain new production capacity and realize work that is export oriented. We prioritize creating value for our customers and meet their needs and expectations swiftly with quality while valuing quality over quantity. We focus on building long lasting partnership by not only offering specialized R&D work but also with quality, reliability, and transparency. We enjoy the happiness of having an impact since 1900’s while respecting nature and people.

We are grateful to you for being a part of our story.


Cares about the satisfaction of each person in the team, the customer and the consumer channel while bringing together contemporary knowledge, technology, and qualified workforce with respect. Enables us to build a mechanism that is suitable for the global standards with our experienced, professional, and dynamic team. Our notion of success both in international and internal trade will continue with this vision.


To have a permanent and reputable image in the global ecosystem, to contribute to the economy with new employment areas, to make a difference by bringing together advanced technologies and qualified teams. With this mission, it has become our priority to always nurture half a century worth of experience, adapt quickly to current dynamics and carry the company culture to the future.


Our century-old brand
has grown with our customers
with knowledge, experience and passion.
Big memories that touch lives
in small parts;
the memories of when
they were a worker,
a grandfather, a mother,
a child, a grandchild…




We are grateful to you for

being a part of our story.