• Sun-dried tomato paté

Vegetable fillings

Mateks vegetable fillings are true time savers and perfect ingredients for pies, pastries, etc. where gourmet components are a must for best traditional taste.

Product range is wide and limitless custom recipes are available upon request.

Sun dried tomato paté is the featured recipe among all.This excellent Mediterranean recipe is ideal for meat, fish, chicken, pasta, pizza and dip sauces.

No artificial colorants or flavors are added.

Technical Specs
  • Pure natural content
  • Ready to Use
  • Traditional aroma and taste
  • Fully customizable recipes
  • Tomatoes
  • Mushrooms
  • Spinach
  • Pumpkins
  • Leeks
Standard Packing for fillings
3,000 ml or 5,000 ml aseptic bags.
Standard Packing for tomato paté
6 x 5 tins; 4.1 kg ±50 g or 12 x 1 tins; 850 g ±30 g, 2 x 5 kg ±50 g plastic buckets or 2 x 5 kg ±50 g plastic pouches in corrugated carton boxes.
N₂ Gas-flash packing and custom packing options are available upon request.