From the pioneer of the sustainable agriculture

Exporting fine produce since 1962

Mateks Inc is a part of Türkmenoğlu Group, growing, supplying and exporting premium fresh fruits and vegetables since 1962 with own brand.

The long-lasting experience of Türkmenoğlu in agricultural and food safety is an ongoing heritage for Mateks Inc.

Tailor - made innovations for your brand

Mateks facility and team is designed to provide your production line with tailor - made, innovative ingredients.

Our R&D team closely collaborate with your brands’ teams with a strictly confidential workflow to develop your private recipes or produce with your patented formulas.

Healthy, natural, premium...

Mateks standard product range consists of natural, healthy and traceable solo products without any artificial colorant or flavors.

We produce for a healthy world in which your satisfied, happy customers live.


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