Mateks Food Inc, philosophy

Healthy, accurate, respectful


To our mind, focusing on healthy food is not only taking care of customers’ health but also of the whole life and environment.

Our health vision starts in our growers’ orchards and ends on your clients’ dishes.


We research, control, produce, talk and listen accurately.

Our accuracy tradition is the basis of our clarity and stability on which our group stands for more than 5 decades as the trusted exporter of Europe’s leading producers and retailers.


Respect is the reason and result of our business philosophy.

On the reason side, we invest on, innovate and look after the precious agricultural wealth. The result is the long-term close collaboration with our satisfied customers in a healthier world.


As Mateks, Our primary policy in the national and international markets where we operate with all our establishments and affiliates is to observe legal regulations, meet the customer needs and expectations without harming the natural environment while keeping in line with our principles and values.

With this goal, we promise:
• To respect people and the environment by focusing on the preservation of our natural environment,
• To reduce waste, increase the rate of recycling, make efficient and effective use of raw materials and natural resources, and reduce energy consumption,
• To collaborate with neighbouring facilities, authorized bodies and local administrations regarding health, safety and environmental issues,
• To apply “Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Standards” in all our activities.